Shift Kit®
Fits 604-VLP, 40-TES, 41-TES (FWD)
Fits 2006-17 42RLE-VLP (RWD)
For units with VLP New product

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  1. General Details

    This Shift Kit® is for units with VLP variable line pressure solenoid and sensor. If the unit does not have VLP, you need SK®604

    • Redesigned PR valve with extended lands
    • Redesigned TCC reg valve
    • TCC slip/shudder
    • Loss of TCC oil
    • Loss of boost oil
    • Overheating
    • Delay or no forward or reverse
    • 4-3 and 2-1 coast clunk
    • Drop-in PR valve and spring
    • Drop-in TC regulator valve and spring
    • Calibrated lockup springs
    • High temperature accumulator rings and expanders
    • Calibrated accumulator springs
    • Self-expanding seal and wire expander for underdrive piston (requires transmission removal)
    • No shrink low/reverse housing gasket (requires transmission removal)
    • For worn bores or high mileage vehicles, we have a quick and easy one-step solution to eliminate trouble codes: P0841, P0868, P0871, P0988, P01775, P01776. Check out our solenoid switch valve kits here
  2. Distributor Part Numbers

    TransGo SK 42RLE-VLP
    A & Reds
    Capital Core
    Transtar T162165
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  4. Tech Notes

    When working on VLP units, before road testing, be sure to reset line pressure counter, clear codes and do a quick learn.

    Additionally: 42RLE with VLP built before April 28 2008 should have the PCM flashed with the latest software. Low speed partial apply TCC operation is greatly improved with software update.

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