SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit
Fits 604 (41TE), 606, 42LE, 42RLE 1989-06 non VLP units

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo SK 604
    A & Reds K49908A
    Capital Core T92167
    MST 92908
    Natpro K32943
    OTS K92908
    PDQ TG-SK 604
    PNH TG92165
    PTW K32943
    Summit NA
    Transtar T92165
    WIT T92167
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    This TransGo 604 SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit fits 1989 and newer Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Eagle, Ram, Jeep and Mitsubishi vehicles equipped with the A604/41TE, A606/42LE and 42RLE automatic transmission without variable line pressure solenoid and sensor. For models with VLP solenoid and sensor, you need #SK 42RLE-VLP. Common complaints with this transmission are delayed forward or reverse, 4-3 coast downshift clunk as well as a 2-1 coast downshift clunk.

    The 4-3 coast clunk is the result of a malfunctioning underdrive clutch inner piston seal. The TransGo SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit provides a specially designed tuff seal and expander wire to address this complaint. The delayed engagement forward or reverse and the 2-1 coast downshift clunk is an age associated complaint that sets in when the low-reverse piston housing gasket shrinks and begins to leak. TransGo engineered a special gasket for this application made from a non-shrinking material.

    Features and benefits:

    The kit includes a low/reverse piston housing no-shrink gasket as well as TransGo engineered accumulator piston seals and expander wires for the models equipped with aluminum accumulator pistons. Also included is the special underdrive clutch piston Tuff™Seal that fits all models and a new pressure regulator spring that updates the earlier design valve bodies 1989-1991 to the match the revised pressure specifications from 1992 to 2006. The kit also includes accumulator spacers to make the releasing clutch exhaust faster resulting in shifts that are shorter and cleaner.

    • 2-1 coast downshift clunk
    • Delayed or no forward or reverse
    • Accumulator leaks
    • 4-3 coast downshift clunk
    • Provides cleaner and shorter shifts
    • Non-Shrinking low/reverse piston housing gasket
    • (4) High temperature accumulator seals and expanders (for aluminum pistons only)
    • (3) Large accumulator spacers
    • Small accumulator spacer
    • Pressure regulator valve spring
    • Self-expanding Tuff™ underdrive seal and expander wire
    • Drill bit

    High mileage vehicles sometimes come in with codes P0841, P0871, P0988, P1775 and P1776 due to wear at the solenoid switch valve bore in the valve body. If you need to address solenoid switch valve bore wear, then also check out our solenoid switch valve kits here