Trademark Usage


The SHIFT KIT® mark may be used only in conjunction with genuine TransGo products. Do not use the SHIFT KIT® mark in any manner with third party product, including the use of phrases such as “shift kit” or “shift kits” or other genericized or pluralized manners.  The SHIFT KIT® mark must always be used in the following format:

  • Capitalize the trademark and follow with the registration symbol ®
  • Do not use the SHIFT KIT® mark as a noun. The trademark “SHIFT KIT®” must be used as an adjective followed by the generic name of the product, such as “valve body kit”, “valve body repair kit” or “repair kit”
  • For example, “We offer TransGo SHIFT KIT® valve body repair kits”
  • Do not use the mark in plural or possessive form
  • Do not alter or amend the mark in any way. Do not combine with another mark, hyphenate, abbreviate or compress into one word

Always include the following trademark notice at least one place on every website or print collateral where the SHIFT KIT® mark is used: SHIFT KIT® is a registered trademark of TransGo. Used with permission.