About Us

Celebrating 65 Years

TransGo, LLC is an industry-leading manufacturer of valve body kits and components for the professional repair trade as well as racing and performance enthusiasts since 1959. Over six decades, TransGo has earned its reputation for exceptional quality, durability, performance and unmatched technical customer service, trusted by millions of customers, installers and end users.

Our product lines include SHIFT KIT® valve body repair kits to address common driveability complaints and failures, Reprogramming Kit™ performance valve body kits with custom performance and heavy-duty options as well as a variety of specialty components.

Gil Younger

After serving in the US Army, TransGo founder Gil Younger, discovered his passion for transmission diagnosis and repair while working as a mechanic at a California dealership. After authoring several of the very first transmission technical bulletins, Younger quit his job at the dealership to start his own transmission repair shop.

Younger recognized that most common transmission complaints related to issues occurring inside the valve body. He spent weekends delivering some of the industry’s first technical rebuilding seminars, while engineering and manufacturing transmission fixes from his shop bench late into the night.

In 1959, Gil opened TransCo, which became TransGo, a valve body repair kit company whose primary goal was to diagnose, correct, prevent and reduce transmission complaints with time-saving and easy fixes.  During Gil’s ownership of TransGo, the company collected a long list of industry firsts; the first ‘valve body repair kit’, the first to engineer and manufacture lengthened valve lands, the first to oversize a bore for replacement valves and the high performance valve body kit.


By 1969, TransGo had already established a solid reputation engineering and producing different valve body repair kits. Builders knew for certain units, buying a TransGo valve body repair kit was as essential as an overhaul kit.

It was only after many years of friends and customers affectionately referring to these kits as “shift kits”, after his industry nickname, Mr. Shift, that the company decided to trademark the name SHIFT KIT® .

Early Shift Kit
David Hardin with his 1929 Ford Model Coupe A chassis

TransGo’s R&D team, led by longtime engineering director, David Hardin, focuses on engineering solutions with the builder in mind by eliminating labor- intensive and expensive processes on the bench while maintaining a price point to keep shops profitable and competitive.

Some of the company’s most recent patented R&D innovations include:

New 2-piece pressure regulator valve system

Tuneless Technology, where all programming is done in the valve body and pump instead of the TCM/ECM

Universal reaming tools, like the one made for all GEN2 FWD Ford and General Motors six speeds, so builders don’t have to constantly shell out big bucks on specific tooling and equipment