The TransGo Difference

TransGo products are engineered and manufactured to save builders time and shops money with long-lasting, all-inclusive fixes that are easy to install.  We spend a little extra on upgraded designs and material to ensure proper valve function and long-term quality solutions. Here are just a few of the differences you will find in TransGo products.

Redesigned valve lands

TransGo valves are designed with lengthened inboard and outboard lands to allow the valve to ride in untouched portions of the bore. This allows us to provide you with drop-in valves that renew circuit integrity so you don’t have to burn half a day reaming bores with expensive tooling.

The elongated lands are better supported in the bore, which translates to smoother valve travel,  making it all but impossible for the valve to cock in the bore, causing further wear.

Original Equipment (OEM) aluminum 6L80 pressure regulator valve
TransGo redesigned steel 6L80 pressure regulator valve with lengthened lands
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

TransGo has been manufacturing their products in the USA for over 60 years.

Precision ground steel

TransGo replaces the original anodized aluminum valves with precision-ground US-made steel. The reason OEMs use anodized aluminum valves are predominantly driven by cost and weight factors to comply with federal CAFÉ requirements.

Many root cause failures are due to the anodized coating flaking off the valve lands. Once this occurs, the valve begins to hang in the bore and the bore is now compromised. TransGo USA steel valves can not delaminate, providing a long term quality upgrade.