General Motors

The first and only 6L80 performance kit for trucks and other HP applications

With increased max main line pressure as well as a more aggressive pressure curve, this 6L80 performance kit includes valve body and pump components calibrated to maintain factory shift feel at light-to-medium throttle with progressively firmer upshifts through WOT.

  • Quick, clean, firm shifts
  • Increased holding capacity
  • Software tuning not required

Drive. Tow. Race.

Performance Reprogramming Kit™

Fits GM 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90

This kit was developed and road tested in stock and modified vehicles with V6 and V8 engines including Camaro, Tahoe, work trucks and one very fast blown 5.3L short bed with just over 500 RWHP.

We used stock clutch plates and counts, kept all the wave plates and used OE clutch clearances. We loved the way they worked. No bind-ups, bangs or clangs or any hint clutch capacity was lacking. For applications and power levels listed here, adding clutch plates and removing wave plates or reducing clutch clearances is not recommended and could lead to bind-ups, bangs or clangs.