Pulse Dampeners
Fits 8L45, 8L90
Requires 8L90-PDP-TKC toolkit

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    Even a little wear has an effect on solenoid pressure to the controlling clutch regulator valves. Flare, harsh and erratic shifts all are a result of poor clutch control. A worn dampener bore must be corrected to provide a smooth solenoid signal to the clutch regulator it serves. The smoother the solenoid signal, the more consistent and cleaner the shifts and TCC will be. TransGo oversized accumulators include matching calibrated springs to maintain the same function as OE and repair higher mileage units with extreme bore wear.

    • Delayed reverse
    • 2-3 up-shift flare
    • TCC shudder that is still present after a flush and refill with Mobile 1 LV ATF HP Fluid
    • Erratic shifts
    • Clunk on coast downshifts
    • (7) USA made hardened steel oversize pulse dampener pistons (accumulators)
    • new springs calibrated to restore OE function
    This kit requires tool kit #8L90-PDP-TKC for installation