Pulse Dampener Tool Kit
For use with 8L90-PDP-OS

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    Even a little wear has an effect on solenoid pressure to the controlling clutch regulator valves. Flare, harsh and erratic shifts all are a result of poor clutch control. A worn dampener bore must be corrected to provide a smooth solenoid signal to the clutch regulator it serves. The smoother the solenoid signal, the more consistent and cleaner the shifts and TCC will be.

    The TransGo Pulse Dampener Tool Kit is a quick and easy solution to repair even the most worn GM 8L45 and 8L90 pulse dampener (accumulator) bores. Simply place the guide plate onto the valve body (refer to the instructions included with the kit), rotate until the two bolt holes lineup in the slots. Then use the washers included to protect the valve body and guide plate. Tighten down the bolts, remove the pin and its ready to ream!

    • Guide plate
    • (4) Washers
    • (2) Bolts with butterfly nuts
    • Pulse dampener pocket guide pin
    • USA-made carbide reamer