Reprogramming Kit™
with Gear Command™
Fits all 400 1965-on

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo 400-PRO
    A & Reds 400-PRO
    Capital Core T34171
    MST 400-PRO
    Natpro 400-PRO
    OTS 400-PRO
    PDQ TG-400-PRO
    PNH TG34171
    PTW 400-PRO
    Summit TRG-400-PRO
    Transtar T34171
    WIT T34171
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  4. General Details
    • Automatic shift
    • Street or full-race
    • Holds 1st and 2nd to any RPM
    • Back-shifts to 2nd and 1st at any RPM
    • Tow&Go™, competition, pro-race, heavy duty, show-off
    • Awesome capacity with adjustable shift timing and feel
    Also Includes:
    • (2) different size 1-2 shift valves
    • Direct clutch high rate return springs
    • Heavy duty intermediate pressure plate snap ring
    • 3rd clutch dual feed separator plate
    • Shift feel and calibration components
    • 2-3 aluminum accumulator piston