What’s the difference between a Shift Kit and a Reprogramming Kit?

Shift Kits

The purpose of a shift kit is to reduce, prevent and correct complaints such as shift irregularities or durability issues. Shift Kits are perfect for normal everyday use and light duty towing.

Reprogramming Kits

TransGo Reprogramming Kits are designed for performance. Most contain additional features like;

  • Gear Command
    This feature allows full control of downshifting and will hold any gear to any RPM. Retains automatic up shifts in the drive position. Certain units allow manual up shifts on driver command.
  • Manual Shift Control
    This feature fully converts the valve body to manual/stick shift operation only – no automatic shifts.
  • Tow/Haul
    Product is designed for use in hard working vehicles that tow or haul heavy loads.
  • Performance
    Product is intended for high performance vehicles.
  • Tuneless
    Patent-pending internal calibration technology “tuneless” allows install without the need for additional transmission tuning software or programmers.

In summary:

If you are looking to retain shift comfort but want added durability, use a Shift Kit.

For performance shifts without sacrificing durability use Reprogramming Kits.