What is a Shift Kit?

What is a Shift Kit

The term ‘Shift Kit’ is a trademarked brand name, owned by TransGo and may only be used to designate products manufactured by TransGo.

In 1969, Gil Younger, the founder of TransGo, began engineering and manufacturing valve body repair kits for the professional automatic transmission trade. Gil had earned the nick name, ‘Mr. Shift’ and his valve body kits were considered an essential fix for problematic transmissions.

After years of professional use by friends, automotive tradesmen and customers, these valve body repair kits became affectionately known ‘Shift Kits’ after his industry nickname, Mr. Shift.

Over the years, the term Shift Kit has morphed into a genericized trademark for valve body repair kits, much like the way Kleenex® is used for tissues, and Q-tips® for cotton swabs.

What components make up a Shift Kit?

TransGo Shift Kits® are a combination of new and re-engineered components that are (mostly) installed in the valve body, but sometimes the pump or even in the transmission itself. Shift kits solve a variety of inherent problems and weaknesses that differ by transmission model.

Shift Kits address multiple problems including usual warp and wear and often allow a higher mileage transmission to work better than a new one. Typical components of a Shift Kit are springs, valves, check balls, gaskets, separator plates etc.,

Example of a Shift Kit
Example of a Shift Kit