Reprogramming Kit™
with Gear Command™

Fits all TF 3-SPD with & w/o lock-up
Aluminum Case

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo TF-2
    A & Reds TF-2
    Capital Core T22171
    MST TF-2
    Natpro TF-2
    OTS TF-2
    PDQ TG-TF-2
    PNH TG22171
    PTW TF-2
    Summit TRG-TF-2
    Transtar T22171
    WIT T22171
  2. Tech Notes

    For best results, use 3.8 to 5.0 band apply lever

    Note: transmission removal necessary to install band lever.

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  5. General Details
    • Instant full-race shifts
    • 2-3 bind-up
    • Converter slip-shudder
    • Leaks out vent or lever seal
    • Pump bushing and seal burn up
    • Drain-back complaint
    Also Includes:
    • Re-engineered manual valve
    • TransGo engineered rear servo spring provides quick and clean manual 1-2 shift