Reprogramming Kit™
with Gear Command™

Fits all aluminum case 3-SPD TorqueFlite transmissions

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo TF-1
    A & Reds TF-1
    Capital Core T22169
    MST TF-1
    Natpro TF-1
    OTS TF-1
    PDQ TG-TF-1
    PNH TG22169
    PTW TF-1
    Summit TRG-TF-1
    Transtar T22169
    WIT T22169
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  3. General Details

    Chrysler 3-speed TorqueFlite Reprogramming Kit™ Performance Valve Body Kit with Gear Command™

    • Smooth, crisp shifts
    • Improved durability
    • Converter slip-shudder
    • Leaks out vent or lever seal
    • Front bushing and seal burn-up
    • Drain-back complaint
    • USA-made hardened steel manual valve with converter charge in park provision
    • PR valve shim, spring seat and inner spring for line-to-converter feed provision
    • PR outer spring increases pressure to hold more torque and horsepower
    • Rear servo springs, spacer and snap ring provides quick and clean manual 1-2 shift
    • (2) Throttle valve springs for faster pressure rise
    • Mumbly peg tool for easy detent spring and ball installation
    • Case orifice plug to prevent 2-3 bind on upshift
    • Converter pressure relief spring
    • Line pressure high limit spring
    • Drill gig and spacer increases front clutch capacity
    • Shift command plate (optional) allows manual low at any speed
    • High flow rate filter with no leak gasket
    • (3) Drill bits
    • Pan Gasket