SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit
AXODE 1991-on

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo SK AXODE
    A & Reds K67908E
    Capital Core T86165E
    MST K96908E
    Natpro K53944E
    OTS K96908E
    PNH TG86165E
    PTW K53944E
    Summit NA
    Transtar T86165E
    WIT T86165E
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  3. General Details
    • Positive lube to front planet gears
    • Reduces costly planet burn up
    • Rough light-throttle up and downshifts
    • Skips 2nd when hot
    • Slide 1-2 when hot
    • No max 1-2 hot
    • 2nd clutch failure
    • Soft shifts above 1/2 throttle
    • Erratic shifts
    • Slide 3-4 with bump
    • No 4th
    • Rough 1-2 cold
    Also Includes:
    • Pressure regulator boost valve with bushing
    • Lock-up valve with bushing
    • High pressure relief system
    • Pump alignment tool
    • 1-2 Accumulator piston upgrades
    • Additional components and tech for internal lube upgrades