SK 722.6-A

Shift Kit®
Fits 722.6, W5A-580, NAG1 1996-on
Does not fit V8 and high performance or turbo charged high output vehicles Upgraded

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  1. General Details
    • Improves and restores shift quality with added durability
    • Insufficient pressure rise
    • Flared shifts
    • Soft or slipping shifts
    • Bump or harsh shifts
    • Shudder on hard throttle acceleration from a stop
    • TCC slip or shudder
    Also Includes:
    • Pressure regulator valve
    • Lube regulator valve assembly
    • Overlap Control Bushing Kit #722.6-OLB-KIT
  2. Distributor Part Numbers

    TransGo SK 722.6-A
    A & Reds SK 722.6-A
    Capital Core T78165A
    MST SK 722.6-A
    Natpro K77944HA
    OTS SK 722.6-A
    PDQ TG-SK 722.6-A
    PTW SK 722.6-A
    Transtar T78165A
    WIT T78165A
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