Valve Body Conversion Kit
Fits all 48RE 2003-08 gas and diesel (Requires 46RE/47RE valve body core)

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo SK 48RE-CV
    A & Reds TBA
    Capital Core TBA
    Natpro TBA
    Summit TBA
    Transtar TBA
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  3. General Details
    48RE valve body worn out? But cores are scarce and rebuilt valve bodies too expensive?
    This kit allows you to convert 46RE or 47RE valve body cores into a shift-kitted 48RE valve body.

    46RE/47RE Core Requirements:

    • Has boost tube
    • Has 4-land switch valve
    • Has 3/16″ check ball in lower casting

    Component Requirements:

    You must re-use the vehicle’s original 48RE rooster comb (not included) on the 46RE or 47RE converted valve body.


    • Same functions as a stock 48RE with the added benefit of increased line pressure for holding capacity from the SK®48RE kit
    • Easy installation
    • Economical conversion option
    • New limit system helps prevent governor pressure sensor failures
    • Produces short clean shifts

    Corrects, Prevents, Reduces:

    • TCC slip or shudder
    • Reduces converter drain-back
    • 2nd band failure
    • 3rd clutch failure
    • Increases TCC and clutch element torque capacity
    • Improves TCC engagement feel
    • Provides short clean shifts


    • PR valve shim, spring seat and inner spring for line-to-converter feed provision as well as outer spring for increased pressure
    • USA-made hardened steel manual valve with converter charge in park provision and cherry bomb
    • Drop-in USA-made hardened TV valve, boost plug and tapered spring
    • Patent-pending triple valve body separator plates
    • Lower valve body separator plate
    • Transfer plate, tapered plug, spring, checkball and limit bushing
    • Solenoid body plate
    • Part throttle body transfer plate, pin and detent limit valve spring
    • Part throttle valve spacer (for units with TTVA motor and modified computer programming)
    • Boost valve bracket and optional tuning plate
    • Throttle valve spring (for optional later upshifts)
    • Lower 1-2 accumulator spring
    • (3) 3-4 accumulator springs and plug for accumulator housing
    • 3-4 quick fill valve spring
    • (3) High-temp low shrink sealing rings
    • Mumbly peg (for easy detent spring and ball installation)
    • (4) Longer stiffener plate bolts and washers
    • Drill bit