Tuneless™ Reprogramming Kit™
45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE and 68RFE
7-check ball valve body 1999-2010

  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo RFE-7B-HP
    A & Reds NA
    Capital Core T72165AHP
    MST NA
    Natpro K29945A
    OTS NA
    PNH TG72171AHP
    PTW K29945A
    Summit TRG-RFE-7B-HP
    Transtar T72171AHP
    WIT T72165AHP
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  4. General Details

    This RFE-7B-HP High Pressure Tuneless™ Reprogramming Kit™ fits 1999-2010 units with 7-check ball valve body only. If you have a 5-checkball valve body, you need  RFE-5B-HP.

    • Burnt OD frictions due to increased engine horsepower
    • Rough lock-up
    • TCC slide bang
    • TCC slip codes
    • Drain-back
    • Limp-in mode
    • Low line pressure and code P0868
    • Patent pending triple valve body separator plate
    • Valve body gaskets
    • PR valve spring
    • New drop-in torque converter limit valve system
    • Drill jig, drill bit and deburring tool
    • Heavy duty accumulator plate/cover
    • Recalibrated OD accumulator springs and shim
    • Replacement self-cleaning low/reverse switch valve as well as the end plug
    • TransGo engineered accumulator seals
    • TCC recalibration accumulator springs and retainer
    • Heavy duty snap ring for input drum
    • Optional TCC control valve for use with triple discs converter
    • High mileage vehicles sometimes come in with codes P0841, P0871, P0988, P1775 and P1776 due to wear at the solenoid switch valve bore in the valve body. If you need to address solenoid switch valve bore wear, then also check out our solenoid switch valve kits.
    Optional Upgrade: 

    The TransGo hot-forged 1045 steel fully CNC machined overdrive pressure plate #RFE-PP-ODHP allows you to quickly and easily add extra capacity to the overdrive clutch pack in all models. Also, this pressure plate is a direct fit for the OEM drum. Consequently, there is no need for you to spend a small fortune on an aftermarket drum. When using this pressure plate, you can add two overdrive frictions for single sided application and one overdrive friction for double sided application. For single sided friction setup like in the 68RFE, the new stack up yields a 15% increase in surface area. Alternatively, for double sided friction setup like in the 545RFE, the end result is a 25% increase in surface area.