Reprogramming Kit™
Fits RE4F03A 1993-99 without TV cable
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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo RE4F03A-HD2
    A & Reds RE4F03A-HD2
    Capital Core NA
    Natpro RE4F03A-HD2
    OTS RE4F03A-HD2
    PDQ TG-RE4F03A-HD2
    PNH TG83171D
    PTW RE4F03A-HD2
    Summit TRG-RE4F03A-HD2
    Transtar T83171D
    WIT T83171BA
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  3. General Details

    Designed for nitrous or turbo chargers,  providing firmer 4th and lockup with trick valve for hot rod, street, and show off applications

    Don’t need a trick valve option? Check out TransGo SK RE4F03A Shift Kit.

    • No 3rd after a 3-2 or 4-2 kickdown
    • Leaky worn, bad design direct clutch (3rd) inner seal
    • Soft 1-2
    • Long 2-3 at heavy throttle
    • Sentra 1993-1999
    • 200SX 1995-1998
    • Infinity G20 1994-1999
    Also Includes:
    • Upgraded direct (3rd) clutch seal