SK KM-175/77

SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit
Fits F4A-22/23/33, W4A-33 KM175-177
1988-on (4-SPD with or without lockup)

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo SK KM-175/77
    A & Reds K63908
    Capital Core NA
    MST 42908
    Natpro K70944F
    OTS K42908F
    PDQ TG-SK KM-175/77
    PNH TG42165C
    PTW K70944F
    Summit NA
    Transtar T42165C
    WIT T42165C
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  3. General Details
    • 2-3 cut loose and/or long soft 3rd
    • Front clutch burn-up (3rd) 3-4 neutral 4-2 kick-down runaway
    • Coast downshift bang long slide 1-2 shift long 3-4
    • No reverse or no forward
    • Won’t fill converter
    • Low or no cooler flow
    Also Includes:
    • End play shims (optional internal upgrade)
    • High temp low shrink sealing rings (optional internal upgrade)
    This KM 175/77 Series SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit does not fit the following transmissions:
    • 3 speed 170, 171, 172
    • 4 speed F4A-41, F4A-51, A4AF-3, R4A-51