CNC machined billet steel replacement upper primary piston
Fits JF015E (RE0F11A) 2007-on New product

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    TransGo JF015E-PISTON
    A & Reds
    Capital Core
    Natpro NAT18845L
    Transtar T806961
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    This JF015E billet piston fits 2007 and newer Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki vehicles equipped with the JF015E (RE0F11A) continuously variable transmission (CVT) manufactured by Jatco Industries. This transmission is well known for slipping or surging complaints, which can lead to a damaged push belt, rendering the vehicle with a no movement condition.

    This CVT transmission has a press fit piston that is incorporated within the primary pulley sheave. This piston is notorious for becoming loose or separated from the pulley itself. The center of the piston has an interference fit to the pulley and forms a hydraulic seal for the belt clamping pressure. Once the piston loses the interference fit on the pulley, there will be a loss of belt clamping pressure. Consequently, the pulleys will no longer able to clamp the belt with the required force which causes the slipping or surging complaints.

    Features and benefits:

    The TransGo CNC machined billet steel upper primary piston is much less prone to deformation and wear then the soft OE piston. Also, to help prevent the piston from coming loose again on the pulley, the inside diameter of the piston is smaller than the original design, resulting in greater interference fit. This is a quick and easy fix to eliminate pulley pressure loss as well as belt slip complaints without the need for any special tools. This billet piston MUST BE PRESS-FIT, or it will leak. A 2-1/4” socket works well for pressing this new piston down onto the primary pulley.


    • Pressure loss at the pulley
    • Low pressure codes
    • Slipping belt
    • Damaged belt
    • Damaged sheaves
    • Metal contamination because of the piston spinning on the pulley


    • Precision USA-made CNC billet steel piston