Reprogramming Kit™
Manual Shift Control
Fits all AODE, 4R70E/W, 4R75W 1994-13

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers

    TransGo AODE-3
    A & Reds AODE-3
    Capital Core
    MST AODE-3
    Natpro AODE-3
    OTS AODE-3
    PTW AODE-3
    Summit TRG-AODE-3
    Transtar T76173E
    WIT T76173E
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  3. General Details

    Converts valve body into stick shift/manual shift (no automatic shifts)

    For transplants without computer control use 1994 or later VB with OD cancel switch capability


    • Codes: P0731, P0751, P0756, P1714, P1715, 628
    • 4-2 kickdown bang
    • Neutral on acceleration
    • Direct clutch failure
    • 4th/OD band failure
    • 4-3 cutloose or bindup
    • 2nd roller failure
    • Long soft 1-2 and 2-3 shifts
    • Accidental high-pressure parts breakage
    • Saves cracked and worn separator plate
    Also Includes:
    • AODE vacuum modulator system
    • Solenoid regulator valve
    • 1-2 shift valve
    • 3-4 shift valve
    • Manual valve
    • Special high tech forward clutch sealing rings