SK 700-JR

SHIFT KIT® Jr. Valve Body Repair Kit
Fits 1988-93 700R4, 4L60 Transmission Removal Not Required

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo SK 700-JR
    A & Reds K61908A
    Capital Core T74167
    MST K77908JR
    Natpro K51943
    OTS K77908J
    PDQ TG-SK 700-JR
    PNH TG74167
    PTW K51943
    Summit NA
    Transtar T74167
    WIT T74167
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    This TransGo 700-JR SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit fits 1988 to 1993 General Motors vehicles equipped with the 700R4/4L60 automatic transmission. This kit was designed for the 1988-1993 units with a type two valve body. For the type one valve bodies 1982-1987 use #SK 700.

    The common complaints and failures are: 2-4 band and 3-4 clutch failure, an unreliable TV system is the root cause of the band and 3-4 clutch failure as well as late or early shifts. Other complaints are 1-2 slide bump, 2-3 cut-loose, low/reverse clutch failure, no 4th or falling out of 4th as well as 4-3-4-3 shuttle shifts and the infamous 3-2 downshift bang with the lever in the D3 range.

    Features and benefits:

    This kit features our patented BOOTSTRAP® TV system that cures these complaints and failures. Once the TV system was functional, the surrounding systems needed to be calibrated to work with the all new TV system.

    • TV that won’t adjust properly causing late shifts or early shifts
    • Sticking TV valve
    • 2-4 band failure
    • 3-4 clutch failure
    • Soft or slide-bump 1-2 shift
    • 2-3 cut-loose
    • Falls out of 4th or no 4th gear
    • Converter shudder
    • No Stick TV valve, springs, spacer and aluminum washer
    • (2) 1-2 accumulator springs and seat
    • Pressure regulator valve spring and snap ring
    • Servo cushion spring and shim (for band adjustment)
    • (3) TV valve springs, TV valve, spacer and aluminum washer
    • (3) Accumulator valve springs
    • (3) Line bias valve springs
    • 5/16” plastic checkball