SK 5R110W-A

SHIFT KIT® Transmission Repair Kit
Fits 5R110W 2003-on

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo SK 5R110W-A
    A & Reds NA
    Capital Core T136165A
    MST NA
    Natpro K34944A
    OTS NA
    PDQ NA
    PNH TG136165AA
    PTW K34944A
    Summit NA
    Transtar T16165A
    WIT T136165AA
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    This TransGo 5R110W-A SHIFT KIT® Transmission Repair Kit fits 2003 and later Ford vehicles equipped with the 5R110W automatic transmission. Common complaints with this transmission are run-away reverse pressure, case lug blow out, no movement, slips or no reverse, neutralize at stops as well as converter clutch slippage or codes.

    The pressure regulator (PR) valve is prone to sticking it its bore in part due to the pump casting distortion. When the PR valve sticks in the exhaust position, naturally there will be low or no line pressure. If the PR valve sticks in the exhaust position while engaging forward or reverse the driver will intuitively rev the engine up to see if the transmission is in gear or not. The increase in engine RPM’s will cause a surge in pump volume that can cause a dangerous pump pressure spike.

    If the lever is in the reverse range, this pressure spike will blow out the low reverse clutch case lugs. On the other hand, if the lever is in the drive position it will create a neutral drop condition and damage the low diode assembly resulting in a no forward condition. Also, in hard working vehicles the converter clutch apply pressure is insufficient from factory, resulting in TC clutch slippage or codes.

    Features and benefits:

    This kit includes a patented pending drop in two-piece hardened steel pressure regulator valve that allows for some distortion of the pump casting thereby reducing the PR valve from sticking. In addition, the provided pressure control solenoid pressure limit system prevents the EPC solenoid pressure from reaching dangerous levels should the solenoid mechanically malfunction which would result in run-away high line pressure. Additionally, our research has proven that the TC clutch apply pressure was set to low from the factory to handle a highly loaded down vehicle. The converter clutch regulator spring provided increases the TC clutch apply pressure to prevent slippage and performance codes. Lastly the included high-tension low/reverse case snap ring will save the case if it the snap ring groove is worn out.

    • Run-away reverse pressure
    • Case lug blow out
    • No movement
    • Slipping or no reverse
    • Neutralizing at stops
    • TC clutch slippage and performance code
    • (2) Pressure control limit bushings, spring, ball and cotter pin
    • USA-made hardened steel two-piece pressure regulator valve and spring
    • (3) Converter regulator valve springs
    • High-tension low/reverse case snap ring
    • Aluminum pressure switch plug and O-ring