Pressure Regulator Valve and Bore Repair
No Tools
Enough parts to fix 5 valve bodies
Fits all 4T40E, 4T45E 1995-on

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo 4T40E-PR5
    A & Reds AAR-4T40E-PR5
    Capital Core A14741PK-1
    MST 4T40E-PR5
    Natpro K42989RF
    OTS 33918-PR5
    PDQ TG-4T40E-PR5
    PNH TG14507RK
    PTW K42989RF
    Summit NA
    Transtar A14507RK
    WIT T14165A-3R
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  4. General Details

    Almost everything bad that happens to this transmission is caused by excessive wear in PR Valve Bore.

    Fix it while you have it so you won’t get to do it again free!


    • Codes P0741, P0742, 1887
    • Planet burn-up
    • Burned forward or reverse frictions
    • Overheating or burned fluid
    Also Includes:
    • Pressure regulator valves and springs
    • Pump slide springs
    • This kit requires a reamer and guide to install