High Temperature Sealing Ring Kit
Fits 4L80E, 4L85E 1991-13

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo 4L80E-HTRK
    A & Reds K34901E-HD
    Capital Core T34165ED
    MST 34877
    Natpro K33946
    OTS K34877
    PNH TG34165ED
    PTW K33946
    Summit 0
    Transtar T34165ED
    WIT T34165ED
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    1991 to 2013 newer General Motors vehicles equipped with 4L80E and 4L85E automatic transmissions often have complaints of no lock-up and no 4th, direct clutch slip, harsh shifts and no 4th, forward clutch slip at idle hot, reverse delay or bind up when hot as well as gear ratio and TCC slip codes.

    These complaints usually occur when the transmission fluid is hot. Even with brand new sealing rings, after a few heat cycles, the OE style sealing rings no longer seal effectively and they will leak causing the slippage. When the computer detects the slip, it then trips a diagnostic trouble code and disables both lock-up and 4th. Additionally, the computer then commands maximum line pressure which will cause harsh shift complaints and reduces or in some cases even completely cuts off lube oil.

    Features and benefits:

    These TransGo high temperature sealing rings and expanders are specially designed to resist hardening and shrinking over time, eliminating the leaks hot and the associated complaints. The kit also includes two shims to reduce end play to prevent shafts from rubbing and making metal as well as to help center the drum on the rings.

    • TCC slip
    • No lock-up and no 4th gear
    • Direct clutch slip
    • Forward clutch slip at idle when hot
    • Delay or bind up reverse engagement when hot
    • Codes 39, 68, 85, P0730, P0741, P0894 and P1870
    • (2) Coast clutch high temperature sealing rings and expanders
    • (4) Forward clutch high temperature sealing rings and expanders
    • (4) Direct clutch high temperature sealing rings
    • (2) End play adjustment shims