Lockup Valve Kit
Fits all 200C 1979-on

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  1. Distributor Part Numbers
    TransGo 200-LU
    A & Reds K32877
    Capital Core NA
    MST 65877
    Natpro K45946
    OTS K65877
    PDQ TG-200-LU
    PNH TG54507A
    PTW K45946
    Summit NA
    Transtar A54507A
    WIT A54507ACK
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  3. General Details
    This kit fixes lost lock up control.

    Almost all of these transmissions will have a lockup malfunction after 1 to 2 years of service. Even brand new, many of them will have these problems if you really get them warm. A brand new pump and cover will usually correct the problem temporarily, however, the installation of this kit is more effective and longer lasting than installing a new pump and pump cover.


    The actual mechanical cause of the malfunction is cross leaks between the pump and pump cover that allow more oil to enter the actuator valve circuit than the solenoid can exhaust. Also cross leaks in the case plus the cross leaks in the pump allow pressure in this circuit when there is not supposed to be any.  Eliminating the cross leaks is hardly possible. Installing this kit allows proper lockup function even with the cross leaks that are more than normal.

    Corrects, Prevents, Reduces:
    • Chugs engine when stopping
    • Stays locked on heavy throttle
    • Lock up right on top of 2-3 shift
    • Stays locked on light throttle
    • Actuator valve
    • Lock up valve
    • Spring