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Research Associate Program "Exclusive World Class Education, Training and Tech Assistance"

Transmission repair has become more "Difficult and Complex" over the past few years! A classic statement, repeated each and every year since the beginning days of our industry.

Not to diminish that statement "as it is very real" however these "Difficulties and Complexities" have always been and always will be part of the transmission repair industry.

All things considered the transmission repair industry throughout the years has incured many different changes, especially with the influx of instant internet communication and an industry filled with product advertising hype, which often includes "exaggerated, misleading and or outright false" claims.

Successful transmission repair today not only entails the need for better education, but also requires the expansion of a technicians own intellect or "Common Sense". As said many times before the old adage " A little Common Sense goes a long way", has never been more true, and must be repeated once again. 

The Research Associate program is designed to develop and increase real world education which will create a more capable, competent, informed, responsible and serious technician with a passionate desire for more in depth knowledge about the transmissions and vehicles we are working on.

The cost of the Research Associate program is $1000.00 per year payable monthly, quarterly, semi annual or annually. Savings from one or two problem vehicles per year will easily pay for the Research Associate program.

     A majority of Research Associate Technicians have been a part of the TransGo family for 20 or more years!

The Research Associate program is available to both shops and technicians.
It includes personal, direct and dedicated "Transmission technical assistance by phone from 8 am-4pm Monday-Friday" Pacific time zone (USA and Canada) Excludes major holidays. It also includes 24 hour around the clock "online access to our "Tech Library" a $240 dollar per year value".

The Research Associate program requires a limited amount of feedback from and within the group for ongoing technical research.
For more information on this service call 1+(626)-443-7451 or to apply fill out "Research Associate Application PDF".
Fill out form and submit by e-mail or print, sign and Fax to 1+(626)-401-2715.

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